Coincidence creates rebelliousness

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motorcycle owner profile: suliaopingzi, a post-90s motorcycle friend in Beijing, likes to ski, photographed.

motorcycle file: XS800N, just got a motorcycle driver’s license in June, the first motor vehicle in his name.

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The reasons why everyone owns their first locomotive is very different.

All kinds of reasons correspond to unique life.

And for me, getting my XS800N was a series of coincidences.

At that time, I took it from a brother, and I didn’t even pick up the motorcycle, so I don’t know if it was love at first sight.

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Don’t dwell on the past, focus on the present.

XS800N now has a total mileage of 700+km.

People and motorcycles continue to fit together, and the driving feeling is getting better and better.

The motorcycle is very stable, the power is very abundant, and it can be turned at any time.

The appearance is of course so handsome, and the rate of return is full.

At present, only a single seat has been changed, the rearview mirror has been moved down, and the headlight cover has been changed.

In the future, the straight handle will be replaced, the instrument will be moved sideways and the body will be lowered, and it will be changed to a low lying feeling.

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Finally, I hope the factory can launch some matching modified parts.

Then there is the exhaust sound of this motorcycle is still slightly inferior, and it feels that it is not worthy of the tough appearance.

Post time: Jul-22-2022