Contribution by motorbike owner /Take advantage to Tibet with motorcycle tour!

I don't know since when, I fell in love with the wind and freedom, maybe it's been working and living in Kunming for 8 years. Compared with driving four-wheeled shuttles in crowded every day, two-wheeled has become the most convenient transportation for me. From the beginning of bicycles to electric vehicles and finally to motorcycles, two-wheeled vehicles have facilitated and enriched my work and life.


01.My fate with Hanyang
It maybe because I like the style of Americans, so I have a good impression of American cruisers. In 2019, I owned the V16 of Lifan, the first motorcycle in my life, but after riding for a year and a half, due to the displacement problem, I have been considering changing to a large-displacement cruiser, but the large-displacement American cruiser was on sale at that time. There are only a handful of them and the price is beyond my budget, so I am not obsessed with the big row cruiser. One day, when I was wandering around Harrow Motorcycle, I accidentally discovered the new domestic brand "Hanyang Heavy Motorcycle". The muscular shape and budget-friendly price immediately appealed to me. The next day I couldn't wait to go to the nearest motor dealership to see the bike, because the motor of this brand met my requirements and expectations in all aspects, and the owner of the motorbike dealer, Mr.Cao, really gave enough equipment benefits. , So I ordered the Hanyang SLi 800 by card on the same day. After 10 days of waiting, I finally get the motorbike.


02.2300KM-The significance of motorcycle travel
Kunming in May is not too windy, with a hint of coolness. In the more than one month of mentioning the SLi800, the mileage of the motor has also accumulated to 3,500 kilometers. When I rode the SLi800, I was no longer satisfied with urban commuting and surrounding attractions, and I wanted to go further. May 23th is my birthday, so I decided to give myself an ingenious birthday present - a motorcycle trip to Tibet. This is my first long-distance motorcycle trip. I have done my plan and prepared for a week. On May 13, I set off from Kunming alone and started my trip to Tibet.


03.road scenery
Kerouac's "On the Road" once wrote: "I'm still young, I want to be on the road." I began to understand this sentence slowly, on the way to pursue freedom, time is not boring, I have crossed many chasms. On the road, I also met many like-minded motorcycle friends. Everyone greeted each other warmly, and occasionally stopped at beautiful scenic spots to rest and communicate.

During the trip to Tibet, the weather was unpredictable, sometimes the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly, and sometimes it was like being in the cold winter and twelfth lunar month. Whenever I cross the narrow passes, I stand on a high point and overlook the white snow-capped mountains. I look back at the yak who forage for food on the road. I catch a glimpse of the tall and majestic glaciers, the lakes like fairyland, and the magnificent rivers beside the national road. And those magnificent national engineering buildings, I couldn't help feeling bursts of emotion in my heart, feeling the amazing work of nature, but also the amazing infrastructure capacity of the motherland.


This journey is not easy. After 7 days, I finally arrived at the place where there is lack of oxygen but no lack of faith - Lhasa!


04.Riding experience - problems encountered
1. For the heavy-duty American cruiser, because of the low sitting position, the ground clearance of the motor is also low, so the passability of non-paved sections and some potholes on the road is definitely not as good as that of ADV models, but fortunately, the motherland is now Prosperity is prosperous, and the basic national roads are relatively flat, so there is basically no need to worry about whether the vehicle can pass through.
2. Because the SLi800 is a heavy cruiser, the net weight is 260 kg, and the combined weight of the oil, gasoline and luggage is about 300 kg; this weight is about 300 kg if you want to move the bike, turn around or reverse the bike on the way to Tibet Rear trolleys are more test of personal physical strength.
3. The shock absorption regulation of this motor is not very good, maybe because of the weight and speed of the motor, the shock absorption feedback is not very good, and it is easy to shake hands.


04.Cycling experience - what's great about SLi800
1. In terms of vehicle stability, performance and power: this motorcycle trip is 5,000 kilometers back and forth, and there is no problem on the road. Of course, it may also be because my driving habits are relatively standard (the road conditions are better and I will drive violently), but almost all the way. Overtaking and entering Tibet basically comes as soon as the fuel is supplied, and the power reserve is basically sufficient, and the heat decay is not very obvious.

2. Brakes and fuel consumption: The brakes of the SLi800 gave me a sense of security. I was very satisfied with the performance of both the front and rear brakes, and the ABS intervened in a timely manner, and it was not easy to cause side slip and Flick these questions. The performance of fuel consumption is what makes me most satisfied. I fill up a tank of fuel for about 100 yuan each time (the increase in oil prices will have an impact), but I can basically run more than 380 kilometers on the plateau. To be honest, this is completely beyond me. expectations.
3. Sound ,appearance and handling: This may vary from person to person. I believe that many people are attracted by the sound of this bike at first, and I am one of them. I like this roaring sound and this muscular feeling. shape. Secondly, let’s talk about the handling of this bike. If you look at the handling of this motor rationally, it is definitely not as good as those lightweight street motorbikes and retro motorcycles, but I think the SLi800 weighs nearly 300 kilograms, and I don’t ride it like I imagined. It's so bulky, and the body handling is even more stable than street motors and retro motors at high speeds.


04.personal impression
The above is my experience on this Tibet motorcycle tour. Let me tell you my impression. In fact, every motor has its advantages and disadvantages just like people. However, some riders pursue both speed and control, both quality and price. On the basis of these completeness, we even need to pursue styling. I believe that no such manufacturer can make such a perfect model. We motorcycle friends should rationally view our riding needs. There are also many domestic bikes that are practical and beautiful and the price is right. This is also a strong support for the development of our domestic locomotive industry. Finally, I hope that our domestic motorcycle can create better motorcycles that meet the needs of the Chinese people, and we can go abroad to conquer the world just like our domestic cars. Of course, I also hope that those manufacturers who have made achievements can make persistent efforts to make better bikes. .


Post time: May-07-2022