Hanyang ML800 touring / 13,000 kilometers

No matter how long the road is, I always want to cross the mountains and seas.
Ride on the Hanyang ML800 and explore the poetry and distance in your heart!


Mr. Shi - from Shanghai
Engaged in auditing work for several years, senior motorcycle travel enthusiast

No.1 Sharing
I have been playing motorcycles since I was 20 year old, and I have ridden a lot of imported motorcycles and joint venture motorcycles; because of my personal preference for American retro motorcycles, I have seen many motorcycles of the same type when I was preparing to buy a motorcycle, only the handsome ML800 It feels like this is the motorcycle you want in terms of shape, sound and test drive feel.


Considering the economy, I went to Chongqing to buy a motorcycle; after getting a good motorcycle, I rode all the way back to Shanghai from Chongqing.


I usually like to run in the mountains. There are many mountain roads in Chongqing and Guizhou. As soon as the new motorcycle arrives, I will take a long-distance motorcycle tour. When I got home from Chongqing, I ran 8,300 kilometers.


No.2 Scenery
The most beautiful scenery is always on the road, especially love to walk alone in the mountains, sitting on the top of the mountain, walking alone on the ancient road in the mountains, although the swing is like rain, the mood is extremely ethereal, and the three mountains and five mountains are the most like Huashan.


Huashan is a dangerous and majestic mountain, known as "the most dangerous mountain in the world". The Yellow River turns east from the foot of Huashan, and Huashan and the Yellow River are interdependent.


All the way to the north, I ran a mountain road for nearly 40 kilometers in the fog with a visibility of about 10 meters in Guizhou.


The scenic Qiandao Lake, the roads here are as beautiful as the scenery, and riding here is like entering a fairyland.


Stop and go, not to rest, but to see the scenery along the way.
Come and go, not to catch up, but to wash away the lead of this world.


Perhaps the meaning of travel lies in this, stick to the original beauty in your heart, leave only the scenery, and walk through life.


No.3 After-sales
Although this motorcycle has only been started for three months, it has been accompanied by many places. Due to running all over the country, many problems have occurred during the period. There will definitely be some problems with the locomotive. Just like people, no one can there is no guarantee that you will never get sick, and it is normal to have minor problems. As long as the motorcycle does not abandon you halfway, and you cannot find an after-sales solution, it is not a big problem.


(For example, after I had a picnic on the roadside, the rear hub was smashed by myself)
This time, there was also a problem with the vehicle, so I decided to ride to the manufacturer to solve the problem directly. I was still thinking on the road, whether the manufacturer would avoid this problem, but no, the Hanyang manufacturer can timely solve the problem every time the vehicle has a problem. To solve the problem, if you encounter trouble on the way of riding, you will contact the local dealer in time to deal with it, and guide you to the store for maintenance. The manufacturer's after-sales service is really good!
motorcyclemmunicate with motorcycle owners more, listen to reasonable suggestions from motorcycle owners, and continue to improve. The quality of the vehicle brings more good news to the majority of motorcyclists.


Post time: May-07-2022