March good for cycling, good for traveling, good for camping.

It is appropriate to gather with old friends and steal half a day’s leisure.

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Driving with motorcycles as below .


In ancian ,China poem said :”I journeyed south to Yangzhou in March, a time when flowers were blooming.” Spring is the season good for travel.

Spring outing is first of all to release pressure, flying mood. Being in the mountains and rivers, psychologically away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pressure of work, naturally let people’s tension and anxiety can be released, the soul can be recovered, and gain the confidence and wisdom to meet the challenges actively;

Secondly, stimulate the thinking, germination of innovation. From the perspective of human physiological and psychological mechanism, spring outing is beneficial to stimulate the “happiness center” of the human brain, so as to make people feel comfortable, happy, lubricate the mind and stimulate creativity.

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Spring outing, the most easy to make life close to nature, feeling the feelings of nature; The wonderful combination of human landscape and natural landscape, the most easy to stimulate people’s aesthetic taste, arouse love, love life and work; Especially when people’s dreams and the beauty of spring in a flash of collision, often make people’s mind insight and sublimation; Finally, inspire people to reflect, encourage people to forge ahead.  Often afraid of autumn festival, yellow Hua leaf decline…” Because of its short time, people feel the vitality of spring, easier to reflect on life, so as to love work more, the pursuit of efficiency, endless.

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About three or five friends rode the wind to the field,
Escape the city lights.
Camp out in nature for a night of utopia.
With the roar as the concerto,
By the fire, under the canopy.


I can make a poem out of my life.

Post time: Mar-22-2023