Hanyang Cruiser RL800i. 800cc heavy motorcycle

Short Description:

Aluminum alloy split lightweight body
Aluminum alloy main body reduces body weight and effectively suppresses body vibration.
Optimal layout of the whole vehicle line
Safer and more beautiful.


Engine type: V-type double cylinder

Cooling type: Water-cooling

Drive system: Belt

Fuel tank volume:18L

Maximum speed:160km/h

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Product Description


① Equipped with LED headlights of two rows up and down & daytime running lights;
②Osram LED lights guarantees brightness and service life.
③The headlight design is simple and retro with personality style;
④The high windshield, width helmet and headlights fit perfectly. After fully considering the aerodynamic design, the entire front assembly is prefect matching with the vehicle.

Multifunctional 7-inch TFT LCD instrument:
①Built-in high performance light sensor, which can automatically shift between day and night modes;
② Bluetooth caller ID function;
③The interface is simple and the display is clear;
④ECU fault indication, battery volumn display, oil indicator light, etc.


①Smart keyless start system;
②Backlit LED handle switch, it can be clearly visible at night, equipped with electric heating function for the handles;
③Except for the normal buttons, addition of double flash button and overtaking button;

①The hydraulic damping type inverted front shock absorber, 41mm diameter inner cylinder, quickly feedback the road condition and improve safe;
②The 7-stage adjustable resistance with accurate adjustment has stronger shock absorption performance, can meet different road conditions.
③Equipped Nissin brand caliper with good performance bracking ability.


①The 320mm large-diameter floating double-disc brake improves the braking performance, at the same time reducing the weight of the brake disc, thereby reducing the weight of the suspension, improving the suspension sensitivity, and ultimately improving the operation of the vehicle.
② Equipped with Nissin caliper with four-piston, assisting the dual-channel ABS anti-lock system to improve the safety performance of the vehicle when braking.


① Integrated forged aluminum alloy upper and lower connecting plates can guarantee the performance.

①Equipped with Panasonic fans to provide powerful heat dissipation even on crowded urban roads.;
② Effectively improve the air flow rate of the radiator, enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator and cool the engine and accessories, to minimize engine power loss;
③Equipped a hard plastic water tank cover to effectively protect against the hard objects.


①The integrated aluminum alloy front of the motorcycle, this design helps to improve the rigidity and strength of the frame;
②The anti-wear cable fixed groove avoids direct friction between the wiring and the frame.

①The water-drop shaped flat mouth with large-capacity of 18 liters fuel tank;
②The shape is round, the painting technology meets the standard of car-level surface curvature requirement, make the color brightness, hue and saturation more excellent.


①800CC V-shaped two cylinder eight-valve water-cooled engine, the pistons of the cylinders on both sides hedge off inertia when working, reducing the vibration of the vehicle, it is the preferred engine for cruising motorcycle.
②Delphi EFI system is equipped with imported FCC clutch, the clutch strength is moderate, and the power adjustment is smooth;
③The maximum power is 45kW/6500rpm, and the maximum torque is 72N.m/5500rpm.

①The seat is designed to fit the driver's riding, soft to make the riding more confortable;
②The integrated seat is highly matched with the vehicle style, simple and looks excellent.


①Gates brand belt and pulleys used in the drive system, with high strength, strong resistance and superior flexibility;
② Low noise during riding, no lubrication liquid required, long service life, and maintenance-free;
③The gear shift is smooth, and there is no sense of frustration during riding.

①The rear shock absorber is adopted to using Yu An well-known brand , can be adjusted precisely, high strength with adjustable spring,
②The 7-stage adjustable resistance has stronger shock absorption performance, can meet different road conditions.


①The 300mm rear single disc, with Nissin calipers, provides a superior rear braking system;
② Equipped a dual-channel ABS anti-lock system to confirm the safe riding.

①The aluminum alloy frame passs various performance testing;
②The whole vehicle uses forged parts which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, and strong loading performance.


① Integrated LED taillights are bright enough when riding at night.

① The front and rear wheels are equipped with CST tires, which have the advantages of strong grip, good drainage performance and the stronger stability of high-speed driving;
②200mm width rear tire, enhance vehicle operating stability, increase the area of adhesion with the ground, effectively shorten the braking distance;
③ The front and rear wheels equipped NTN bearings with high performance and long service life.


①Comfortable riding design;
②The forearm designed horizontal can reduce tried riding;
③Carefully calibrated front footrest, the gear lever ,brake pedal and foot pendal are in the same graphic, and the gear shift and braking operation are natural and comfortable.

①The cradle frame effectively disperses engine vibration after NVH analysis


Product Details

Other configuration
Displacement (ml)  800
Cylinders  and number V-type engine double cylinder
Stroke ignition  8
Valves per cylinder (pcs)  4
Valve structure   overhead camshaft
Compression ratio  10.3:1
Bore x Stroke (mm)  91X61.5
Maximum power (kw/rpm)  42/6000
Maximum torque (N m/rpm) 68/5000
Fuel supply method  EFI
Gear shift  6
Shift Type  FOOT SHIFT
Length×width×height(mm) 2390X870X1300
Seat height (mm)  720
Ground clearance (mm)  130
Wheelbase (mm)  1600
Total mass (kg)   
Curb weight (kg)  271
Fuel tank volume (L)  18
Frame form  Split cradle frame
Maximum speed (km/h)  160
Tire  (front) 140/70-ZR17
Tire  (rear)  200/50-ZR17
Braking system  Front/rear caliper hydraulic disc type with double channel ABS
Brake Technology  ABS
Suspension system Hydraulic disc type
Other configuration
Instrument  TFT LCD SCREEN
Lighting  LED
Other configurations  
Battery  12V9Ah

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Options Color

Options color for you choose: dark green, bright black, matte black, cement gray


Cement Gray


Dark Green


Matte Black


Bright Black

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