Hanyang SL800 Hanyang heavy motorcycle; 800cc cruiser with round LED headlight and round digital meter Motorbike

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The fuel tank of Hanyang SL800 has a beautiful curved shape, and the side view is a perfect water drop. The fuel tank has a capacity of 22 liters, and our actual fuel consumption on the road is about 5.5L per 100 kilometers, which is conservatively estimated to last more than 300 kilometers on a full tank.

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The headlight is a circular single lamp, which is a relatively common design for cruisers, simple and durable, in line with the sleek body style.
In order to combine with modern technology, the headlight is composed of LED lamp circles and four lenses, which not only has the element of round light, but also has modern technology, and can also provide a better lighting effect. However, some nostalgic users may prefer halogen bulbs.

Turn signals and taillight

LED turn signals that emit yellow lighting is very delicate, and there is a circle of light strips in the middle of the lampshade, which is very exciting when turned on. Compared with ordinary LED lights, it looks more durable and more retro.


This is the effect of the rear turn signals lighting up at the same time.


To make the overall body feel more harmonious, the tail shape of the round light version has also been adjusted, and the rear fender is integrated with the body.



The exquisitely shaped digital circular instrument is compressed to the size of a teapot, and the adjustment buttons are designed to be hidden.



For cruisers, belt drives are used relatively more. It is worth mentioning that the belt drive of this cruiser is provided by the American Gates brand, which has been fully tested in the market. Belt drives are more durable than traditional chains in terms of performance, maintenance-free, almost silent, smoother drive and more comfortable.


The rear tire size is 200*55, and the grip is very good. When the tire temperature rises, the pedals will be in close contact with the road when the mountain bends to the limit.
The shock absorption travel of this model is not long, and a cushion with orange color is added.


The handling of the Hanyang SL800 is excellent. The acceleration and shifting are coherent, the vibration is very small, and the stability of the handlebar is not affected. When sliding, the hands can be relaxed or released, and the direction is very stable. When cornering, just nudge the steering handle, and the body tipped over immediately and finished safely. When going straight, accelerate vigorously, the throttle response is very fast, and you have to hold the handlebars tightly. Because of the large displacement and fast acceleration, the hands have the inertial force that the handlebars break free and pull. Please note that when riding a heavy motorcycle, never let your hands go.


Product Details

Other configuration
Displacement (ml)  800 ML
Cylinders  and number V-twince
Stroke ignition   4 stroke
Valves per cylinder (pcs)  4
Valve structure   Overhead camshaft
Compression ratio  10.3:1
Bore x Stroke (mm)  84*61.5
Maximum power (kw/rpm)   36Kw/7000rpm
Maximum torque (N m/rpm) 56N.m/5500rpm
Cooling Water 
Fuel supply method  EFI
Start method Electric start
Gear shift  6 gear
Shift Type  Manual
Transmission  Belt drive
Length×width×height(mm)  2390*830*1070
Seat height (mm)  720
Ground clearance (mm)  137
Wheelbase (mm) 1600
Total mass (kg)  410
Curb weight (kg)  260
Fuel tank volume (L)  20L
Frame form  Split
Maximum speed (km/h)  160Km/h
Wheel Aluminum 
Tyre Type  High Grip Tyre
Tire  (front) 140/70R17
Tire  (rear)  200/50ZR17
Braking system  disc
Brake Technology  Hydraulic Disc
Other configuration
Instrument  TFT liquid crystal
 Light  LED
Handle variable diameter
Other configurations Dual-channel ABS anti-lock braking system
Battery  12V14A

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